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Some Key Publications

Key References

Recently published (December 2005)

Martin, J.R. & White, P.R.R., 2005, The Language of Evaluation, Appraisal in English, Palgrave Macmillan, London & New York

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Some of the key publications in Appraisal include (in chronological order):


Don, A. 2003

 Attitude and Email Interaction, completed October 2003, accessible at here.

 Don, A. 2007

Hommerberg, C. 2011

Persuasiveness in the discourse of wine: The rhetoric of Robert Parker. Charlotte Hommerberg's PhD thesis, published by the School of Language and Literature, Linnaeus University, Sweden, may be downloaded in pdf form by clicking on this link . (Chapter 7 is devoted to the use of Appraisal resources in the construal of Parker's discursive persona.)

M.A. Dissertations

Sabir Birot, 2008

EVALUATION IN MEDIA REPORTING: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS IN BBC, CNN AND ALJAZEERA REPORTS: Unpublished MA Dissertation, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Liverpool, U.K.downloadable in two files: frontpages here, and main body here.